Welcome to the Spring 2020 version of CSE 102

There has been a last minute change of instructor, and David Helmbold will be teaching the class.

We will be using the textbook Algorithm Design by Kleinberg and Tardos.  There are a couple of versions of it, and any version should be sufficient.  There are also on-line copies of it available.   The science library has hard copy versions on reserve if and when it reopens, but they cannot purchase an on-line version they can distribute.

The syllabus is available here. Additional information for enrolled students is available on Canvas and (soon) Piazza.

Waitlist students:   I have given out permission codes to those unenrolled students in the top 15 positions of my March 27th waitlist.  I do not intend to enroll additional students, as the course is already oversubscribed and I am counting on attrition to make the course manageable.  If you are still on the waitlist then you will not be admitted to the class and will have to plan on taking it another time.

The lecture time is scheduled for 8:00am to 9:10am MWF.   We will hold the first lecture on Monday as scheduled via zoom:

CSE 102 first class meeting
Time: Mar 30, 2020 08:00 AM Pacific Time (US and Canada)

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Meeting ID: 749 063 6776

I am still pondering how to run the course in these unusual times.  Partly because 8:00am is a rough time to hold lectures, I am planning on using a "flipped" model.  The class would be charged with watching the webcast videos of my CSE 102 class from last year, and the zoom class meetings would be a shorter discussion of them, perhaps starting at 8:45. 

To get full access to the resources here (like the expanded zoom invite), you will need to log in with your Blue passwords.

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